day 357 – Place Setting

My daughter V, reminded me of creating a sacred space and time for eating.  I was telling her about this outrageous vegan bread (David’s Killer Bread) via Skype.  I told her how delish it is and how I used it.  I smeared one slice with hummus, dolloped a roasted red pepper on it, strategized and placed halved kalamata olives on top, topped it with another slice and what a tasty, easy, quick snack it became.

She asked, “Were you sitting down?” and “Did you eat it on the run?” or something to that tune.  Yikes!  I had to admit, reflect and confess I was standing exactly where I prepared it when I ate it.  I was distributing Target goods into pantry, cupboards and shelves… and late for an appointment.

I asked myself, “Didn’t I just hear this message this morning on my walk while listening to Marianne Williamson’s   A Course in Weight loss?”  

So, I dug out pretty, forgotten, ‘never use them for some reason’ items this morning.  I am sitting here at breakfast, eating at my Sacred Space for nourishment.  I am taking the time to breathe in between bites, replacing my spoon every once in a while and resting, relishing and smacking my lips.

Message from the Universe, received and Ritual in Place.  Thank you for jogging my memory, V, and calling me on it.  I have a fabulous forgetter but I get reminded of the things I need to be reminded of by the people who love me.  That is Grace.



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