day 346 – Universal Truths

There are some truisms that are universal to all and then there are specifics which are singular to each person.


I prefer to be corrected rather than punished for my mistakes.

People can’t let go of what they hold on to.

If you want to stop thinking about it, then stop talking about it.  Stop giving it more power than it has.

Just because they ring the bell, doesn’t mean you have to go into the ring and fight.

If you want a sense of peace, stop fighting everyone and everything.

Work with what you have – stop trying to change it, sacrifice yourself for it, will it or wish it differently.

Never underestimate the power of keeping your mouth shut.

You are either in Fear or Love.  Whenever you are in fear, you are listening to your ego; it’s not getting what it wants or is afraid to lose what it has.

As my road gets narrower, my horizon broadens.

Every encounter, challenge, “mistake” is an opportunity for growth and learning.

Be all you can be.

The Four Agreements:  1.  Be impeccable with your word.  2.  Don’t take anything personally.  3.  Don’t make any assumptions.  4.  Always do your best.

Live and let live – Easy does it –  One day at a time – Think

None of this is original, I gathered and remembered it from various sources, but all of it is pertinent to my daily life, relationships and in all my circumstances.  It’s always helpful.  I am sure I have more but this is what came to mind instantly.

Do you have any universal type and/or specific mantras, sayings or affirmations that help you frequently and/or you love and live by?

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