day 342 – Raw Wrap

A quick on the go kind of snack I go to almost every day and is easy, delicious and satisfying is a raw wrap stuffed with hummus and powerful organic greens.  What I love about packaged raw food products is they are always organic.  I always have a raw bar (look for raw crunch, it’s the only one I recommend) or two in a pocket in my purse.  More than once, it has gotten me or someone else out of a hunger jam.

Being vegan lends itself to quick raw snacks and I became a raw foodist 100% back in 2009 for four and a half months because raw desserts attracted me to no end when I was vegan even then.  Alas, a trip to NYC and Europe led me back to cheese especially and then eventually meat.  Then, during my yoga training, I returned to veganism and about 75% raw in 2010 – 2011.  Somewhere along the line, I got off track again and now here’s my third try at vegan living.  Some people yo-yo diet.  I yo-yo styles of eating.

I buy the raw wraps that come in about four flavors.  Smokey Heaven is my favorite.  They all include organic everything.  Smokey is made with zucchini, apple, onions, flax seeds (think omega 3), coconut, turmeric, nama shoyo sauce, black salt (unbelievable if you can get it) and smoke flavor.  One wrap is 45 calories and I split them lengthwise down the middle because it’s smaller and easier to roll.

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