day 331 – change your thoughts

Change Your Thoughts, Change your Life is a book by Wayne Dyer that came to mind today when we sat down and explored Lesson 281 today at my Course in Miracles meet up.  Today’s message was: “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”

It is as simple but not as easy as having the willingness to let go (surrender) all your negative thinking and allow or permit kind thoughts; thoughts of love, peace, serenity, gratitude, light and faith to enter.  Every negative thought is a brick in the wall that blocks us from the sunlight of the spirit.  Allow yourself to have joy knowing the magnitude and the magnificence of who you really are – a product of love.

In the course we learn that the body’s only use is to heal, comfort and bless.  We also get to practice and ask ourselves when upset or disturbed, “What or whom needs to be forgiven? Right now?”

This class really helps me attain and maintain peace.  But we have to be willing and make the decision to choose Joy, Love, Peace.  And the moment is always in the NOW.


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