day 306 – meditation fear

“Love yourself first and everything
else falls into line. You really have to
love yourself to get anything done in
this world.”
                                     Lucille Ball


 Is my mind drawing blanks or am I learning to rest my mind?  This may be the fear of meditation that has a hold on many people who will not or won’t even try to meditate.  Add to it, the dread of being alone with the self; alone with crazy, dark, dangerous, ugly, scattered thoughts.  The space between your ears can feel like an unsafe neighborhood and many feel threatened by going in and spending anytime alone in there.  Believing your thoughts are true can possibly cause you to go insane.   Only the thoughts you attach to and put energy and belief into are true for you.  We probably have an unlimited amount of random ideas.  We pick and choose which ones thrive, which ones we endorse and which ones to discard.  I decide to choose positive, loving and life affirming thoughts today.  If I didn’t love myself, I would opt otherwise and when I believe my negative, harmful thinking – I am not loving myself.


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