day 301 – Courage to Be

You are entitled to have time outs.  Spirit encourages you to make time for self-care and to nurture self-love.  You will become available and accessible to those you love when you treat yourself kindly.

Courage: Accepting and Loving me for who I am – right now at this moment in time.

Courage:  Moving through a feeling, facing your fear without running away, editing, changing or suppressing your self-expression.

Courage:  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to people who have your best interests at heart.  Agreeing to and receiving help openly.

Courage:  Discerning your will from the Highest Good’s will and then setting aside self-interest for the more difficult, least attractive to the Ego’s choice.

Courage:  Acting from a place of love and compassion, not fear.

Courage:  To have heart.

Courage:  Living life to the fullest on life’s terms, now, at this moment without balking (maybe a little whining but surrendering anyway).

Capuccina the cowardly cat who seeks courage like everyone else…

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