day 28 – Story Break – Write your 2013 Letter!

Just wanted to pause the story about my grandmother for a day to encourage you to write yourself a letter.

Every year, for the last four years at least, I have taken direction from the author Sarah Ban Breadthnach and have written a letter to myself about how wonderful everything is…for next year…as if it has already occurred. In response to the deluge of Christmas letters she receives each holiday – she began this tradition to make herself feel better about her family, surroundings and successes.  We both believe the Universe in all its infinite wisdom listens and gives us gifts and lessons.

It’s uncanny especially this year how my thoughts and dreams have come true.  I wrote my letter for 2013 this morning and read last year’s letter to Michael, my husband.  I feel like I might have written my 2012 letter this morning, not last year on December 9th.  It was so close to the reality in my life, now.  But not entirely.  I still struggle with exercise,  laziness and being tidy.  To be fair, these are all areas I can change and could put effort into but the underlying issue is that five syllable word, procrastination.

But I do write my annual letter without fail.   Take a minute to draft a letter to yourself for next year.  Place it in your holiday box of cards or decorations and read it next year. Mark it on your calendar.  Write it as if all of it is true and accomplished, already.  Sarah says to “outline our glorious ideal lives in detail – exactly what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, who’s doing it with us.”  And adds, “It’s the same as writing down our goals but far more creative and fun.”

If you are more of an artist type or also just for personal enjoyment, create a vision board.  Just cut out whatever words or images you find in magazines that speak to your aesthetic sense and collage it on any size paper.  Focus on what you desire to have or have more of in your life.  Usually vision boards should be meditated on daily but if you write a letter, put it away.

Both these techniques are motivators working on the subconscious level.  I believe we can attract or send out positive vibrations.  I have faith if I dwell on attaining a goal and make small steps towards it – it happens.  I know if I emphasize on all the negative and scary outcomes my imagination fears, I am miserable.  So, I choose to foresee wonderful sequels to my story.

Here are some excerpts from two of my letters I am willing to share with you and came true for me:

from 2009:

“That cabin I have always wanted in the mountains is a reality.” ( We bought it in November 2010)

from 2011:

“Writing is something I do everyday now. I enjoy it and saturate myself in it. ”

Go tell the Universe how fabulous your life is in 2013!!!  Do it now!!



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