day 277 – Cod with Lentils

Picked up some organic sunburst or pattypan squash and wondered what to do with it.  

I decided to chop it up and sauté it with some organic onions, loosely chopped as well and then see what would happen next.  I used organic ghee and organic coconut oil.  I crushed and sprinkled in tons of dried thyme from my garden.Next, I added chopped up kale from my veggie garden, seasoned with Cecilia’s salt and stirred it up some more.  I felt I needed a protein with chewy, adaptable taste and added Melissa’s natural/no gmo/no preservatives French lentils.  After test tasting again, I chose to add some fresh lemon juice and let the flavors meld a bit more, covered.

I pan seared wild caught Alaskan cod with ghee and dried sage from our herb garden.

And together the fish complimented the vegetable combination well.  The cod was buttery and seasoned rather strongly, making it a match for the lemony veggies demanding attention of their own.  My daughter pointed out it reminded her of our family heirloom recipe, Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice) with the lentils taking the rice role in texture and flavor.  With eighteen grams of protein per serving, the lentils also stand in nicely for the chicken.

Bon Provecho

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