day 265 – props to my son

I don’t understand computer language, in fact, I took a DOS or whatever class back in the early 80’s and failed, miserably.  The only class I ever failed.  I withdrew or took an incomplete for some courses, but never out right failed one, except Intro to Computers.  I loved, loved, loved Apple for installing a PC in every classroom when I was teaching in CA and supplying me with Broderbund programs – my introduction to user friendly disks.  Then came the Internet, e-mail, etc…But, I never learned computer languages or had any desire to revisit that abyss. Kind of like learning about my car motor and its parts, just give me the key.

My son has been working tediously on some secret project I still cannot decode for Amazon and yesterday it was launched public.  He is the sole author. Supposedly it is a system or avenue (what do I know?) that helps others that live in the computer literate world with Amazon Web Services or AWS and SWF simple work flow within some sort of framework. Now I am talking nonsense.  It has something to do with Ruby Gems.  I know I sound ignorant to my kid, right now, but I am proud anyway.  I still get it.  It’s a huge deal.

Of course, part of the call to our house was to warn me not to comment in the professional  area like ” so proud of you, son” or ” my son who wrote this is and has always been a genius!” or any other some such crazy mommy thing I might type in the box and post.  Fortunately, he did admonish me.

But he has no jurisdiction over this blog he gifted me with.  Kudos, Congrats and “Thatta boy” to my son.

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