day 233 – Dyer

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Second –

Dr. Wayne Dyer reflects over a summer of pondering and writes  “I was blessed to look back on events and see clearly how every stumbling block I encountered was actually a rung on the stairway to my highest potential. Reflecting on all those years, the miracles of my life shone through. Now, from a position of being able to see much more clearly, I know that every single encounter, every challenge, and every situation are all spectacular threads in the tapestry that represents and defines my life, and I am deeply grateful for all of it. I Can See Clearly Now is a culmination of my personal life lessons and revelations and examines what we can learn from our connection to one another and to our Divine source.”

Not only do I believe and live this to the full extent (eventually seeing the gift in everything) but he says it so simply and beautifully for all to understand and appreciate.  I am grateful and admire the great writings of philosophers, thinkers and spiritually centered teachers.

I am fortunate enough to have a friend (L) who has invited me again (last time it was in LA and he was introducing his book Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life wherein he interprets the Tao Te Ching for the western modern age), to attend a Wayne Dyer moment.  To get to go see in person and hear an inspired, wise and leading author in this genre is such a generous gesture.  Thank you, L.

Like I have written before about Marianne Williamson, he stays on stage until everyone gets to speak to him, shake his hand or gets a big bear hug.  Whatever you need.  Till everyone on the line gets through.

This particular event, on this particular day, will be taped live for a PBS special in Escondido, San Diego and the topic is the doctor’s most recent memoir titled I can See Clearly Now. The above quote is directly from his new book.

Needless to say I am ecstatic about the outing and look forward to all the gems of wisdom (last time I brought my rainbow legal pad and took pages and pages of notes) and time spent with my dear friend L (and her gems of wisdom).

If you haven’t read from his prolific published works, listened on tape or seen a PBS special of Dr. Wayne Dyer yet, you are missing out and I strongly suggest you give him a try.

My favorite book he wrote is There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.  “Thinking is the source of problems. Your heart holds the answer to solving them.”  He proclaims.

That’s what my friend L has been saying to me for years!!! “You know the answer,” she encourages.  “You already have the solution, look into your heart,” she reminds.  She’s been a big fan of his for decades and “I can see clearly now” the influence and impression he has had on her.

It’s an honor and a privilege to get to go see a speaker of such depth, breadth and warmth and like Marianne Williamson, L and myself; he too believes love conquers all and the answers lie within.


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