day 175 – Beauty in the Small Things

Among the joys of this weekend, we had visitors called the White Headed Woodpecker. This type of woodpecker is only found in the North American Western pine forests from British Columbia, Canada to the mountain tops of San Diego, CA.  The extra long beak on our CA friend is specific to the species and our mountain range because of our Coulter pines ( only found in isolated locations from San Francisco to Northern Baja mountain forests).  These pinecones are humongous and deep within lie the goodies our Southern CA White Headed Woodpeckers need their beaks to be especially elongated for.  The markings of red, white and black are striking.

We spotted a large bird’s nest on one of our tree’s branches (could it have been a woodpecker’s ? or the Stellar Blue Jay’s ?)  The mastery amazes me.  This particular nest has already been inhabited and abandoned but I dare not move or touch it so our wildlife knows to come back next spring without fear of intrusion.  Privacy is well guarded here in our neck of the woods.  Isn’t that why you decide to live amongst dense forested trees?

Found an incredible piece of beautiful wood in the quarter cord of wood my husband  stacked up so nicely for me.  This art from nature will not be placed on the pyre.  The form, color and texture inspired me and I placed it on my office shelf for its sheer presence of simple patterns and precious nuance.

And, we enjoyed homespun good old fashioned delicious cheeseburgers with all the trimmings.  The best burger I have ever eaten, ever! Chez the Treehouse Chef.

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