day 172 – Pampered


There’s nothing like taking a cat nap, stretching as you awaken to the sound of birdies chirping or soaking in a warm and scented bubble bath.

It’s the little joys like having lunch on a balcony, reading curled up by a fire or sipping herbal tea with a friend that feed me.

I search and find time to escape to my tree house, breathe in the scent of blossoms and chat or text with my children.

I realize I live a charmed life.  I am provided for, encouraged and nourished.  I am grateful beyond words.


There’s nothing like taking a walk by the shore, releasing tension as you cry under the streaming, steaming shower or collecting shells, stones or pinecones on a stroll.

It’s the small celebrations like smiles, courtesies and embraces that soothe me.

I seek and take time to play in my garden, smooth lotion on my skin and prepare creative dishes.

I sense many angels watch over me.  I am never alone, bored or impoverished.  I appreciate this wonderful world.


There’s nothing like cycling downhill on your bike with the wind rushing through your hair, dining out with a loved one or traipsing through a museum and having the time to read every bio that interests you.

It’s the tiny details like my children’s’ or husband’s voice, a lemonade brought to me poolside or striking a match to light a fragrant candle that caress me.

I root out and make time to visit with friends, get a massage and go to a musical.

I admit I have a lot to be thankful for. I grow, reach out and cry too.  I feel blessed to be alive.




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