day 170 – Mourning


Recovery Meditations ~ Spiritual Recovery ~ One Day at a Time ~ April 30, 2013
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One Day at a Time
April 30, 2013~ SPIRITUAL RECOVERY ~

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There is a time to let things happen
and a time to make things happen.

Hugh Prather

For me, it is a time to let things happen, right now.  I go with the flow.  I feel like a white foam bubble on the ocean, a leaf sailing down a stream, a snowflake descending from the cloud or a dewdrop evaporating on a blade of grass.

It’s a time of reflection, retrospection and release.  I am confused, perplexed and unsure.  So, I will take this time to let chips fall where they may and rest.  There will be a time to make things happen again.  The ebb and flow as we proceed through this life has its own musical score to perform and who am I to complain, be combatant or try to change it?

There are so many questions and I am not sure I want to hear the answers.

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