day 168 – My friend R

My friend, R, passed away today.

She was a spiritual force.

A friend, a confidant and a giver of wise counsel.

She encouraged, supported and actively played a role in certain endeavors I undertook.

The last time I saw her well was when I finally decided to check out Unity Church for a service and she didn’t hesitate to take me there and back.

Another time, I needed her to meet me unexpectedly somewhere and she was waiting for me with her warm, happy smile.

At the hospital, she asked about my children, each one, my husband, myself and a few of our friends.  Her conversation was profound, immediate and generous.  She cut to the chase once she was informed all was well.

She greeted me always as if I was the only person she was there for or had a desire to see.

And I will miss that.  I will miss her chuckle.  I will miss her fidgeting.  I will miss her honesty and eloquence.

I will keep her in my heart and memory.

May she be at peace.

4 thoughts on “day 168 – My friend R

  1. I never met your friend R, but I am inspired by her (through you) to be a better person and a better friend, and to reduce life to its simplest truths. Every day. God bless her. Xoxo

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