day 142 – Time to Plant

Red Jalapeño Pepper from our October 2012 Harvest

Time to plant your tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, pumpkins, eggplants, peppers, corn, basil, etc. if you live in Southern California.  It’s the season to sow seeds or plant young summer veggie/herb plants.  Get ready to visit nurseries and prepare your soil!!  April is one of the best months to start and continue to transplant and incorporate vegetables and herbs right into June.  Expect to enjoy your harvest from right away with herbs to approximately May through October (and sometimes November).  Keep your kitchen gardens watered during the heat and harvest regularly.

Please feel free to email me or call or post if you need help or guidance.  This is your opportunity to have healthy, happy and delicious food right in your backyard, terrace or windowsill.  If you haven’t had this thrill, do it, this year and begin or start planning and dreaming – now!  I am eager to assist you!  And stay organic (soil, plants and seeds if possible and any fertilizers).  No poison. Yuk. You end up poisoning everyone’s water. There are plenty of other solutions. Let’s get gardening!!!

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