day 139 – Spring

Daffodils 3/26/13

Spring opens, cleanses, renews.

Dainty daffodils nod their fine lemon heads.

Pink and green sweetly scented jasmines yield to the air, the light, and the mist.

Life deliciously unwraps its fruits.

Breezes invoke blooming botanical dreams.

Wisps of puffy heavens mushroom and prosper.

I dally and luxuriate on my fancy perch.

I day dream, I contemplate atop my cuddly nest.

I eavesdrop on the chatty songbirds.

They chant and tweet and chirp.

The sound of Spring is cherished here.

It is woven into the textured scheme of the day.

A finale of a farewell to March is due.

An encouraging dawn for April is expected.

Eastertide illustrates, bathes, and revives.

Promise, Hope and Faith.



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