day 135 – Maturity is Wisdom

I learn how to be wiser from watching others, listening to others’ stories and from slow growth from my own experiences, as I get older.

Maturity looks like sacrifice but it’s actually wisdom and generosity of spirit.

Sometimes you have to do what’s right, not what is easiest or the most fun or alluring.  My BFF demonstrated that recently and my husband, although childlike in many ways, is not childish.  He’s my “Rock of Gibraltar.”

My children act all grown up, sophisticated and have often taught me a thing or two.  Lately, they seem more educated, sensible and careful than I.

I respect that.

Maturity is about responsibility, and not necessarily seriousness.  Sometimes I get that mixed up.  As I develop into my physical age, I learn that making someone smile or laughing at a difficult situation, is healing and mellows out the anxiety.  I watched and listened to someone wiser practice it frequently and advise me to do the same.  And she learned it from someone else.

Maturity is about putting your loved ones needs above your wants and desires, even sometimes your own plans.

I admire that.

By observing someone else you love demonstrate this quality, you can acquire it yourself if you practice it.  When I transform my actions, speech or thoughts, I can be a catalyst for others too.

I aspire that.

And I believe if generations of parents did not dedicate themselves to their young or support their elders in time of need, there would never have been community, advances in human society or evolution towards the greater good for all.  To a certain extent, we have lost this redeeming quality in our culture and I pity that.

I pay attention to the good.  I focus on what is right, just and loving in the world.  I acknowledge and give props to all the people I get to see grow sometimes right before my very eyes as a light bulb clicks above their heads and they say “aha!”

I trust that.




4 thoughts on “day 135 – Maturity is Wisdom

  1. Thank you, Teresa, you showed me generosity of spirit and I took notes on your goodness. We encourage each other, don’t we?

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