day 127 – Lists

Every once in awhile I like to re-evaluate myself, honestly.  And no holding back!

What words describe what is unique about you?  You can do an ABC list or number from 1 – 25 and pick the top words that come to you!  Ex: Argentine, Bi-lingual, Crazy about my husband, etc.

What top ten words describe your mood right now? Your personality?

Recognize and identify all the emotions you have been through in the last 24 hours.  This may be anywhere from three – ?

What would you do if money, age or your present life situation were not limiting you?   What top 10 things would you rather be doing or would like to try doing?

List at least fifty things you love.

List at least fifty things you are grateful for.

And here’s a truth serum:  List at least 25 things you are most proud of that you have accomplished.  Right now, I have sixty-six things to date.

Writing it all down in black and white on paper somehow makes it real, important and downright – reflective.

If you do this periodically – it’s a good way to check-up on your growth, personal journey and inward temperature.

Save today’s lists and add on in a few months or years and watch yourself unfold and expand.


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