day 110 – Style Savvy

Glitter is back.  Animal print is back. Rhinestones, crystals and sequins are back.

I never knew they were gone.

I have zebra, leopard, giraffe and cheetah throws, pillows, rugs, scarves galore and clothes coming out of the wazoo.  Doesn’t every decent woman?

My BFF and I have been teasing each other for years that we are crows.  Crows love shiny things, especially metallic.  In my closet and jewelry box thousands of sparkling, twinkling objects are glued, strung and sewn on.  Pocket books, purses, wallets, glasses, footwear and jackets are not spared.

 If it’s glistening or wild, it’s a draw and if it has both, I am in heaven!

How about you?

Glamorous but comfortable wins my heart every time.

Beastly and colorful and glistening, oh my!



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