Y5 – Day 207 – Your Space

When you tune into your emotions and are aware of what your surroundings say about you, observe how it makes you feel. How is your space enhancing or detracting from you? Does it scream GODDESS? or does it let you down?

There’s a lot of me everywhere when I look around. I see objects I love and treasure for whatever reason, it doesn’t have to be important or beautiful to you or anyone else, it’s there to bring me joy.

And then there’s the crap that just needs to go. Or, the stuff that has had its heyday in my heart and must be thanked and kissed goodbye.

So long, cluttered everything drawer, shelf, room. Hello, simpler and organized life.

Y5 – Day 206 – Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation is essential to all of life. When it rains, the leaves are washed and the pores and cells are cleansed, opening up for refreshment and moisture. When the sun comes out, photosynthesis occurs and nutrients rise as the stem sucks like a straw and resuscitates growth with direction. When the moon is out, tides obey and regenerate the waving shore. When it snows, the mountains are reawakened with clean white. When it is cloudy, the sky is reanimated with pillowed dots.

For me, rejuvenation is restoration either by stimulation or relaxation but always awake, aware and alive.

Y5 – Day 201 – Amethyst

Have you ever been attracted to boulders, river rocks, geology or gemstones?

Have you considered why you like certain types of jewelry over another? Research your favorite gems and their spiritual properties.

Do you currently or have you ever carried a stone for luck or worry before? Take any clean, small, smooth stone you find particularly interesting and dedicate its meaning to you by writing one word on it with a permanent marker.

For example, hope, love, self-nurture, compassion, forgiveness, kindness or a short phrase; Let Go, Be on Time, Slow Down. Then, keep the stone close to you and remind yourself throughout the day.

Taken At Bower’s January 2019